Welcome to the Testimonials page, where the transformative experiences of individuals at Myosteo Health & Therapy come to life. Clients from various walks of life have generously shared their stories, detailing the positive impact of Kirsten Meyer’s holistic approach to health and wellness. How her treatments have helped them deal with trauma, severe back pain, Arthritis, Herniated Disc, shoulder pain, releasing permanent back and neck pain, frozen shoulder and so much more. These testimonials reflect not only the effectiveness of the therapies offered, such as Myosteopractic and Scenar Therapy, but also the genuine care and commitment Kirsten brings to each session. 

Explore the authentic accounts of individuals who have found relief from chronic pain, improved flexibility, and a renewed sense of well-being. Their words stand as a testament to the dedication and expertise that define the Myosteo Health & Therapy experience.

VANESSA MINGO – Rheumatoid Arthritis 

I cannot thank Kirsten enough for turning my life around. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 30 years and have been on various heavy medications for most of those years. I was taking anti-inflammatories, methotrexate and tried many other rheumatoid arthritis drugs over the years. When I started going to Kirsten I had severe back pain from scoliosis, bursitis in my hips and was suffering from very sore joint pains in my hands and feet. I was battling to walk, had severe back ache (when out shopping I had to get a trolley to hang on to and could only walk short distances before I had to sit and rest). I also had extremely swollen hands, wrists and feet, despite all the arthritis drugs I was on. She started treating me with Myosteo which helped ease the pain and then suggested I try Scenar Therapy. Wow what a difference! All my pain is now completely under control. I can walk for miles (sans any trolley/support), I go to Pilates now because I’m able to move and the best of all I have stopped all my pain medication, anti-inflammatories and methotrexate. The only drug I take is Actemra, a biological drug, to keep the RA under control. I can highly recommend Scenar Therapy from Kirsten. She has made my life worth living again. Thank You!

CARLY VORSTER – Herniated disc in lumbar spine

I went to see Kirsten out of sheer desperation. I injured my back while weight training in preparation for a competition. The physio told me I had herniated a disc in my lower back and it would be up to 2 years recovery with no training and to lie on my back most of the day! The pain down my legs and in my back was unbearable and I couldn’t sit or drive. After my first session with Kirsten I could sit down, I could bend and I could drive home! After the 4th session with her I was completely pain free, I could sit, I could bend, drive, and train as normal (after easing back into it). The Scenar Therapy and Kirsten’s knowledge is truly remarkable and I highly highly recommend seeing her for any issue one may have.

DEBBIE GEARY – Shoulder pain and Fibromyalgia

 A year ago I went to Kirsten for my shoulder pain with amazing results then a year down the line I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia…. I saw doctors, specialists and was prescribed two sets of meds to which I had bad allergic reactions. I then decided to try Scenar Therapy and I am happy to say I am off all medication. I take supplements and just finished a course of Scenar treatments. So far so good. I am extremely thankful to Kirsten and recommend treatment for any health condition.

NATALIE ROSS – Fractured fibula

I fractured my fibula on a hike. The xrays revealed a fracture with twist and I had to have surgery with ORIF( open reduction internal fixation).

Kirsten treated my fracture pre-op with Scenar Therapy, as well as treating post-op. 3 months after surgery I started walking and 4 months post surgery I went on a 4 day long hike in the Baviaanskloof….without any pain or discomfort. Everyone in our group was amazed with my speedy recovery. According to my surgeon and physio my recovery was excellent and swift and originally they didn’t think I would be able to hike so soon, let alone the Baviaanskloof! I am forever indebted to Myosteo Health and Therapy for this amazing recovery!

CARMEN HAVENGA – Motorcycle accident resulting in severe permanent back pain

In December 2021 my husband contacted Kirsten on my behalf. I had been suffering from severe lower backache following a motorcycle accident the year before, so bad I could hardly walk. Kirsten took the time to listen and scheduled an appointment as quickly as she could to see me to evaluate my condition. For the next 3 weeks she fitted me in before Christmas closing wherever she had an opening  insisting that we needed to address this as quickly as possible. After the 2nd treatment of Scenar Therapy I noticed a considerable improvement and by Christmas I was walking and functioning a lot closer to my normal self. Since then I am on a monthly maintenance program with Kirsten which I am finding extremely beneficial….no more intense back and neck pains! A big thanks to Kirsten for her swift and professional approach to helping me, very happy and pain free! 

MICHELLE SAAYMAN – Various for her family including Acute Sinus & Back pain

Firstly, I would like to say thank you. You “saved” me and my family on several occasions with your “magic touch”.

At first, when an acquaintance referred me to you – explaining what it is that you do – I was very sceptical. Thinking how such a small device (Scenar) can do all this “magic work” it is supposed to do.

My first journey to your office was with my 12 year old son. With his “acute sinus” and permanent nasal drip, cough and lack of smell and taste (for most of his life). Going from one medicine to another, eventually this stopped making any effect on his sinuses. This is when I was referred to you. He started his sessions with you and literally that same day I could ALREADY see a change. I could see how this therapy started to work. Still being a bit sceptic, he came back for the other sessions, and with each session I could only see an improvement. I couldn’t remember when last, I have not heard him sniff OR cough, but after these treatments, it was as if a new door opened instantly. I was really in awe, that something so small could really work magic like this. I instantly stopped all his other medicines, as this was no longer needed.

After seeing these results with my son, I referred my husband to you as well. He also had some issues and amongst other things, he hurt his coccyx when driving go carts. For months he was complaining about the pain and how he could not sit or lay down – then you worked your magic. After a few sessions with you, that was the last time I heard him complain about the pain and discomfort.

So, I also had to get on the wagon, and see how the magic was worked here. In June 2022 I had a quite big operation. Kirsten prepped the area pre-op and post-op. Due to the operation, I also had severe back pain as I could not walk properly and had to rely on my upper back to do all the work. She came in and worked her magic again with Scenar Therapy, and with INSTANT relief I could move and feel myself again. She also worked the incision for fast recovery and scar healing. Today I can see the difference.

Scenar Therapy did wonders for myself and my family. Being a sceptic of things like this, I witnessed it first hand. I saw the instant relief that this small machine brought to my son at a time when I felt discouraged with medicine and doctors. Seeing the relief in my husband, who could carry out his daily tasks as normal. And me making a full recovery after my operation.

I can really recommend Kirsten and Scenar Therapy.

TANYA KLEIN-WERNER – Various for her family including a severe back injury & scoliosis

My family and I have been seeing Kirsten for over a decade. I was one of her first clients when she opened her practice in 2012. My husband had a severe back injury which Kirsten helped him to fully recover from. I have been seeing Kirsten every so often whenever I have had tension in my neck and shoulders or back pain. Kirsten was able to help my son when he had scoliosis by using Scenar Therapy. Kirsten’s approach is very thorough and her ‘bedside manner’ is very comforting. She is careful and gentle in her treatment and offers advice and guidance as well as basic exercises when needed to speed up the healing process.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who has any back or neck issues.

ROBERT F. LINDER – Various including severe knee pain, shoulder pain & migraines

In 2015 I underwent surgery for meniscus injury’s on both left & right knees. Contrary to what I was informed by the orthopedic surgeon the recovery was nothing but smooth. For the 2 years post surgery I experienced incredible pain, some caused by nerve damage and others from what I was told is my bodies way of dealing with trauma, such as surgery.

I literally tried everything to resolve the shooting pains that I experienced daily. Many visits to the Physio, an excessive amount of pain killers, additional MRI scans. Nothing worked!

Coincidently a colleague at work told me about Kirsten, I was told she’s a miracle worker and her treatment was well worth a try. Obviously I was skeptical at first, especially after seeking a solution for so long. Well, what can I say! Myosteo, Scenar and Kirsten was indeed a miracle worker.

My knee issue is mostly resolved. In addition Kirsten has treated me for shoulder issues, migraines, back pains and the list goes on.

Not only is Kirsten a fantastically kind, caring, and welcoming person but she’s truly got the  touch and personality of an Angel. Scenar Therapy, and resetting the bodies nervous system, in my humble opinion, is an important requirement in maintaining a healthy & balanced body, and should be considered by everyone as an important component of our overall health and well being regiment.

I’m incredibly sad to see Kirsten leave the shores of South Africa but I know she’s going to be loved and appreciated for her amazing treatments and services in the UK just as much as she’s been a miracle worker here.

SARI COHEN – Various including frozen shoulder

It is absolute pleasure for me to give Kirsten 5 stars review!  Over the years she put me back on my feet countless times. From frozen shoulder to nerve issues in my foot. From neck to back and everything in between.  I mess it up and she’ll fix it. Her knowledge in combining different healing modalities in order to maximise results is a huge benefit.  And of course her bedside manner, gentle personality and genuine care make her my go to person again and again. In fact, if you are an active person like me or suffer from a chronic condition you should have a monthly appointment booked in advance.


I have received Scenar & Myosteo treatment from Kirsten Meyer for a few months for a debilitating pinched nerve. I went to many Physiotherapists, without success, until I found Kirsten while searching for help on the internet.

I am happy to say that I haven’t been back to Kirsten for months. I’m moving around much better. I’m going to miss her very much, because it was good to know that she’s there if I needed to go. I would recommend Kirsten unreservedly to anyone seeking relief with neck, back pain & pinched nerves. There’s a bonus too, she’s a great person. Kind & empathetic. 

ROB VORSTER – Running injury

Background: Rob had been suffering from severe pain due to a running injury sustained 18 months earlier. He had previously tried other therapies but unfortunately the problem wasn’t resolved. He was referred to me for Scenar Therapy and I am so thrilled that he is now absolutely pain free!

“Kirsten’s treatment has been really amazing. I have been battling with a running injury for over 18 months and after my treatment I am running pain and injury free. It really is unbelievable – thank you Kirsten.

CARMEN PAULSE – Severe neck & shoulder tension with migraines

I started seeing Kirsten after a masseuse suggested I see someone for my back as it was in a bad space, really tense and hard. Around that time I was having constant tension headaches that eventually lead to a migraine so bad my face would swell up, all this was as a result of working in an environment that wasn’t conducive to my overall wellbeing. I visited Kirsten’s online page and learned that Myosteopractic and Scenar Therapy would be ideal for the symptoms I was having. 

I quickly connected with Kirsten, as she could easily relate to what I was experiencing and therefore knew how to treat it moving forward. She put together a plan and after a few sessions I no longer needed to take pain medication to deal with headaches or back pain. After 3 months of a combination of Myosteo and Scenar, (and leaving that job) Kirsten’s healing hands and excellent after care advice. I wasn’t only pain free, I had lots more energy too. 


That brings me to part two of my journey with Kirsten. I had so much more energy I started exercising and decided to enter my first half marathon, with just two months to train. 

I launched into a rigorous running plan and during training runs I started feeling tightness in my groin and sharp pains in my hips. At one point the pain was so bad during a training run, I could barely walk. I attended regular Myosteo  maintenance and Kirsten focused on areas of concern and gave me excellent advice on cool down methods using a foam roller. The week before the race Kirsten accommodated me with an emergency appointment, provided a plan leading up to race day and I managed to finish the race with no pain. 

I continued doing monthly maintenance with Kirsten as the day to day stressors of life in general still caused a build up of tension in my back, neck and shoulders. I now realise the importance of these monthly maintenance sessions as I’m writing this after I’ve postponed my appointment twice for work, aka a contributor to the tension in my shoulder. And I’m regretting not prioritising myself by attending my maintenance appointment on time. 

EM RICHTER – Severe cat bite & painful scarring post op

Here are 2 examples on the versatility of Scenar Therapy:

  • A very bad cat bite on her foot which after 2 weeks of initial medical treatment and cleaning still remained swollen, weeping, infected and painful. The wound was treated with Scenar Therapy 4 times for 20 minutes each. The “after” pic speaks for itself.
  • A extremely painful scar on the palm of her hand, 6 months post surgery. The treatment with Scenar consisted of 5 sessions of only 10 – 15 minutes each, every 2nd day. The redness, swelling & inflammation that was present since the operation, reduced significantly. The pain is virtually gone, and my client has full use of her hand again.

“This is a commendation for Kirsten Meyer of Myosteo Health and Therapy for the manner in which she treated my injuries recently. I had a very sore cat bite on my foot which, after 2 weeks of wound treatment at a clinic, remained infected. The other problem has been a surgery scar on my palm. I can only thank Kirsten for the sessions of Scenar Therapy she used on me.”

TARYN CERQUEIRA – Chronic neck and back pain

Kirsten is a miracle worker! She really does have a great passion for her therapy and it shows in the way that she really tunes into the needs of the patient. I have suffered with neck and back pain for years and the progress I’ve seen after just a few sessions has blown me away. She really is caring and professional too! Thank you Kirsten for what you’ve done for me so far!

LANEL VAN DER KOLFF – Stubborn injury

Kirsten Meyer became my healer in 2019 when I had an injury that just wouldn’t get better and no one else was able to fix. After just one session with her, I had no more pain and was able to continue with my career as a professional dancer and performer in the entertainment industy of South Africa. I continued going to her for body maintenance work whenever I felt out of alignment or strained after an intense job. Kirsten is kind, caring and intuitive and supports not only on a physical level, but emotionally as well. What I loved most about her treatments is that it wasn’t as invasive and painful as some of the other treatments that endured before going to her. I always left the treatments feeling positive and body aligned and unlocked. I can highly recommend Kirsten Meyer for any person or professional performer who suffers from any kind of injury or pain. 

Thank you Kirsten for everything you did for me. I will really miss our sessions a lot! 

LAUREN MARTIN – Running injury

I’m a female runner in my early 40s, and I honestly believe Kirsten’s Myosteo & Scenar Therapy fixed me! 

After training hard for, and completing my 1st marathon in 2022, I began feeling a strange weakness and dull pain in my right knee and quadricep. It wasn’t the kind of pain that I had felt before, but because it wasn’t a sharp shooting pain, I disregarded it for a while and ‘ran through’ the feeling for as long as I could.

I then realised that this situation wasn’t improving so decided to seek professional advice. I’ve always been a firm believer in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy treatment and have had great results from these modalities with previous injuries. So, when this ‘new problem’ developed in my right leg, I went headlong into alternating Chiro & Physio treatments, feeling sure that these 2 methods, together with resting the muscles, would cure the problem.

Weeks, if not months went by, and the pain and weakness didn’t improve, and I could feel my fitness declining rapidly. 

I then ‘bit the bullet’ and sought a great bio kineticist who helped teach me specific exercises to help strengthen surrounding weaker muscles, in the hopes this would support the knee and quad. I carried this out for 6 weeks and enjoyed the process gaining strength in these muscle groups, but I didn’t see much improvement in my training as the pain returned whenever I attempted to run again. Although building muscle balance through biokinetic exercise is critical to long term healing, I still felt despondent and at a loss for how I would cope mentally, if my running and gym days were over.

It was then that I decided to see Kirsten. I wasn’t even sure what Myosteo was, but I felt it was ‘worth a shot’ considering I had received a rave review. This friend that recommended Kirsten wasn’t a runner, so I wasn’t 100% convinced, but I didn’t have anything to lose at that stage.

I first saw Kirsten in February 2023. My initial appointments were spaced about 4 days apart and as the weeks passed, these appointment dates stretched out to every 7-8 days. Over a 2-month period I can honestly say I saw a drastic improvement. After 2~3 months we were able to space my appointments out to every 3-4 weeks. It’s now been about 4 months since the initial treatment and the pain and weakness has literally disappeared.

I am so grateful to Kirsten for helping me return full time running and strength training again! 

I am happy to say I’ve since run a couple 21km distances and I feel strong enough to increase my mileage again finally.

Huge thanks to Kirsten for taking me on as a client and for helping me to get back to where I am. I will miss you!

I surely will miss my sessions with Kirsten, her calm demeanour and expert skill in healing and great conversation. 

LOUISE TRENT- Pain post pneumonia & Sjogren’s Disease

I have been seeing Kirsten for almost two years.  She was recommended to me by my daughter Carmen.  I first started seeing Kirsten after a severe fall down a flight of stairs.  This fall resulted in fluid collecting in my lung cavity which had to be drained in the hospital.  The pain eased but kept returning to the area in my back.  I suffered with pain from nodules in the bottom of my left lung because of very bad pneumonia.  I am no longer experiencing pain here after a number of Scenar treatments by Kirsten.

I also suffer from Sjogren’s disease (dry eyes and dry mouth) which is also connected to my rheumatoid arthritis but after Scenar treatments with Kirsten, my mouth is no longer dry, and my eyes are better.  I totally recommend Kirsten, she has made such a huge improvement in my health and well-being.  Kirsten is a sweetheart!

LAUREN PETERSON – Severe pressure and head pain post craniotomy

Post-craniotomy I suffered with loads of pressure and pain in my head, pain at the scar tissue site and surrounding areas, stiff neck and shoulders etc. I tried various recommended therapies and meds. None of those therapies worked and I wasn’t prepared to live off meds for pain. Fortunately, with all the research I have had to do to try and find a therapy which could help I remembered Kirsten. Firstly, I was so impressed with the gentle, confident manner in which she has treated me. She’s kind, she listens, she’s professional and she knows what she’s doing. Always doing her best to achieve the best results. Her therapy was the best help for me to date! To a point where all pain and pressure in my head disappeared. I am super impressed and happy! I am extremely grateful, thank you very much Kirsten!

CHANTELLE KANSLEY – Lower back pain & sever mesenteric lymphadenitis (4 year old daughter)

Kirsten is amazing. I started going to Kirsten with terrible lower back pain. I couldn’t even straighten my back. I can honestly say that I feel 10 years younger again after a few sessions with Kirsten. I can now pick up my daughter with ease again and continue with my daily activities as per normal. I also suffered with severe migraines and was living on painkillers. I visit Kirsten at least once a month for maintenance and I have not had a migraine since. Scenar Therapy is not only for adults. My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with mesenteric lymphadenitis. After 2 days of suppositories and laxatives with no relieve I contacted Kirsten. She did Scenar Therapy on my daughter and 5 minutes after we arrived home after the session she had to run to the loo. She is smiling again after 2 dreadful days that included a visit to the ER, scans, blood tests and a lot of pain and tears. She keeps on asking me when she can go back to the nice aunty that fixed her tummy. Thank you Kirsten xxxxx

NIKKI O CONNELL – Tri-athlete with Hip & Lower back pain as well as Morton’s Neuroma

Some back ground: Nikki is a triathlete who came to me for hip and lower back pain, so severe that on some days she could barely walk, and this obviously hampered her training. I did a combination of Myosteo and Scenar techniques and we got her pain under control. Shortly after, Nikki was also diagnosed (by another professional) with Mortons Neuroma which is a thickening of the tissue around the nerve that goes to the toes, this then lead to severe pain in her foot, again hampering her training. I focused on treating that only with Scenar Therapy…with amazing results!

“I started seeing Kirsten a few months ago due to endless injuries when building up running distance. Kirsten uses mostly Scenar and some Myosteo and the results are amazing. Kirsten is very professional and has a lovely bedside manner. Highly recommended”

DINESH GANGEN – Back and shoulder injury

I was referred to Kirsten by a friend of mine after I suffered a back and shoulder injury. I had limited flexibility and was unable to do many of the things I enjoyed like sports and gym.

Kirsten was very understanding and took the time to explain my injury and how she could help me. She developed a treatment plan that was tailored to my specific needs.

The treatment included stretches, and Myosteopractic therapy. I was surprised at how quickly I started to feel better. After just a few sessions, my pain was significantly reduced. I was able to start exercising again, and I was feeling more confident and mobile than I had in years.

I am so grateful for the care that I received from Kirsten. She helped me to get back to running and the gym, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I would highly recommend Kirsten to anyone who is suffering from an injury or any mobility issues. She is a professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate therapist who will help you get back to your active lifestyle.

ROBBY COHEN – Various including lower back pain

Kirsten is absolutely amazing! In the past 10 years she has been an essential part of my well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Her knowledge and practical skills helped me so many times to regain a pain free existence. Thank you Kirsten, you will be missed.

LUCY WALSH – Chronic shoulder pain and back tension

I sit in front of a laptop every day for at least 8 hours per day for work. This resulted in me having chronic shoulder pain and back tension. Kirsten was able to treat and assist me to resolve this within a few sessions. I also bought a lumbar back support pillow which I use on my work chair daily and this has helped with my lower back support. Kirsten is a super star and a life saver! Highly recommended and very sorry to see that she won’t be close enough for treatment in South Africa!

ANNETTE UYS – Various including Osteoarthritis and repeat UTI’s

I’d like to testify in general about Kirsten’s treatments over several years. When last did you enter a medical practitioners room with an ache or ailment of some sort, and then come out, at least partially relieved of your pain or discomfort? Well to me it happens very seldom. Mostly you come out with a prescription in hand, still in pain, on your way to a pharmacy – ready to pay more, after it had already cost you an arm and a leg.  

I went for Myosteo initially because of osteoarthritis and then Scenar treatments later on for UTI, and what a wonderfully pleasant experience, and surprise, it was for me then when I first visited Kirsten’s practice! I was in search for relief for my aching body parts and from that initial first visit I immediately felt a difference for the better. Kirsten became my go-to “doctor” and I was never disappointed.

I have been her client on an ongoing maintenance program and my whole  “physical life” has changed – feeling better all the time. And when an ache in a joint or muscle reappears, or happens for the first time, it’s never as acute as before, and mostly settles with one appointment. Even when I had to undergo an unavoidable operation I had Scenar Therapy in order to help my body with the preparation pre-op and then treatment post-op to speed up the recovery process. The treatments were also outstandingly successful with regards to pain management afterwoulds as well.

I’m now spoilt with the experience of coming out of her treatment room without any pain, even feeling rested and peaceful, or perky and ready for action. 

Ever so grateful for having discovered Myosteo & Scenar Therapy at the hands of Kirsten.

Wish you all the best forward Kirsten!

BRONWYN ADAM – Leg injury

Background:  Bronwyn came to me on crutches 3 weeks after a very bad fall. After 1 session she was off her crutches, after 2 sessions she was pain free.

“I had a bad fall and injured my leg, after two weeks of physio and lots of pain medication (that had little to no effect) my husband convinced me to go to Kirsten for treatment, after my first visit I left with a numb leg, no pain for the first time in weeks, Kirsten advised the pain would come back but should be more bearable, we booked a second appointment for 4 days later, by the time the second appointment came around the pain had returned but only about half as painful, after the second treatment I left totally pain free and am happy to report two months later and still no pain, so after 9 sessions of physio with no pain relief to 2 sessions of Scenar Therapy and almost complete healing, I can definitely, and do recommend Kirsten and Scenar Therapy. Thank you Kirsten not only for providing a wonderful alternative healing service but for your kind and gentle way with which you handled my pain.


After contracting Bell’s Palsy (a type of facial paralysis that affects one half of the face) in early 2016, I went to see Kirsten for Scenar Therapy.  I saw her once a week initially and started seeing an improvement after about 6 sessions. I continued with Scenar treatment about 4-6 times per month and also visited a homeopath and acupuncturist once a month.  Of all the complementary therapies, I found Scenar had the biggest impact and showed the best results. Kirsten is friendly, competent and very professional, I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking Scenar Therapy.


My husband and I have been going to Kirsten for a number of years, she is our “go to” as she’s an absolute star and has healing hands! She has treated so many of our problem areas such as our necks, backs, shoulders and legs. I always leave feeling like a new person when I leave my appointment! She has such a passion for her Myosteo & Scenar Therapy and it certainly shows. Kirsten always manages to fit us in and gets straight to the problem. She is very professional and knowledgeable, along with being such a kind, caring and wonderful person. Thank you for all that you have done for us, we are so grateful for all that you have done for us over the years!  

MAY HANNAH – Various including Piriformis Syndrome

I have been an ongoing patient of Kirsten’s for treatment of variousMuscular/Joint injuries. I have a persistent Piriformis Syndrome injury which irsten has treated with Myosteo and Scenar Therapy. The treatment has been extremely successful and I manage my Gym exercises without any pain!! I would recommend all the above treatment for any painful muscles or joints.

DOMINIQUE WITHERS – Chronic back pain and tension

Kirsten came into my life during a very stressful time and quietly and calmly rescued me. She has had such an impact on me for her kindness and compassion and best of all, she has really sorted out an almost daily aching back. I am going to miss her so much and just really wish her and her family a wonderful, happy and successful new life. Exciting times. Thank you, Kirsten, for your healing hands and your angels’ soul.

RODNEY RUTTER – Lower back pain

I would like to thank you for your expert, professional treatment you have given me in the past. My lower back issues were sorted in no time. The treatments were non-invasive and very relaxing.

I could highly recommend your service to anyone needing solutions to muscular or body release issues.

Thanks again, you will be sorely missed. Your friendly personality and calmness was much appreciated.

JURINA TRAUTMANN – Neck & leg stiffness as well as colon spasms

I was introduced to Kirsten Meyer, by a mutual friend. I suffered from severe back and neck and leg stiffness as well as colon spasms. Over a period of 3 – 4 months I went for regular appointments where I was introduced to Scenar Therapy. After every session I can honestly say that my muscles felt much better and very relaxed. Sometimes I needed an extra session but not one day did I leave the room not feeling refreshed and totally relaxed.

Thank you Kirsten for all your advice and helping my body recover…

I wish you well on your future endeavours…

CATH LOVELL – Long standing pain

Having tried various other methods of therapy, Kirsten and her treatments of Myosteo and Scenar are just the best! I had long standing back pain from years of bad falls and she sorted it out, where all other practitioners failed dismally. I can highly recommend her.

TERCIA SWAN – Back, leg and foot pain

I had covid three years ago, and lost most off my ability to be active as I suddenly had bad pains in my back, legs and feet. My first action was physio, this did not help me and was giving me migraines. I saw a string off specialist and had colonoscopy and scans done. 

I then found Kirsten and thought I would try something different, but was sceptical. This was a stumbling block, but I continued the treatment. Initially I could not sit with my legs crossed or bend to tie my shoes and my feet were in agony. However when I left Kirsten I was able to walk, and bend. She was always professional, kind and helpful. Her work is amazing.

We wish her all the best and may she help more people wherever she goes. God’s blessing to you and your family Kirsten.

PAULINE HAWTHORNE – Unexplained knee pain

Background: Pauline came into my practice after having 3 months of unexplained knee pain. She walked in with a level 8 out of 10 pain, and left with ZERO pain! To date, she is still pain free, all thanks to Scenar Therapy.

“After having Physio for pain behind the knee which never helped a friend recommended Kirsten from Myosteo Health & Therapy. Can highly recommend her and will most definitely be signing up for her monthly maintenance plan.”

MARIA COWIE – Running injuries

I have been going to Kirsten for several years and she has helped me with quite a few running related injuries and other problems. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She go to the root of my problem very quickly and gave me excellent treatment. She is very friendly and caring as well as effective and efficient. I noticed a significant improvement in my pain and mobility after just a few sessions. She has definitely “kept me on the road”. I can highly recommend Kirsten!

SEAN INNES – Muscle strain and pain in lower back

I have had continuous problems with muscle strain and pain in my lower back and after a few sessions with Kirsten I have never felt better, she is very professional and informative, I highly recommend her services.

YVETTE WYNGAARD – Osteoporosis

I only got to know you these last few months this year but would highly recommend your therapies.

I went for Myosteo because of my osteoporosis.  It helped ease the built up tension developed in my body over time which in turn assisted with my long flight to the UK, and sitting in a seat for an extended period for 12 – 14 hours, that much more comfortable.  I was relaxed on board and flew with ease.  I wish you and your family only goodness on your destination. With much appreciation and admiration.

DR HELEN MUIR – Fractured sacrum and a disc lesion L5/S1

I have fractured my sacrum and have a disc lesion L5/S1. I get repeated episodes of pain in my right knee. My strength in my right leg is compromised. I started sessions with Kirsten, initially weekly, then every second week. I now only need monthly sessions. The Myosteopractic sessions have improved my pain in my back and my knee. I can highly recommend Kirsten’s practice for anyone suffering from back problems.

MARINA VAN TIL Severe back pain, headaches and general stress

I was referred to Kirsten by Dr Helen Muir, a sought after speaker and highly respected doctor in the Medical Field in South Africa.  I was suffering with severe back pains, headaches and the normal stress related issues occurring from daily routine.  I saw Kirsten several times which changed my life completely.  She manages to release held tension and ultimately I managed to obtain body wellness.  I still routinely go and see her for sessions. Myosteopractic has definitely helped me. 

STEVE JANSE-VAN VUUREN – Disc herniation causing sciatic pain

I had been in severe pain of my lower back for close to 2 years. After being refered by my doctor for a CT scan, it was found I had a disc herniation L$/L5 spinal discs, which was pinching my sciatic nerve, causing severe pain.

An operation, which would fuse my spinal disc, was not an option.

I have being seeing Kirsten on a monthly basis for Functional Bodywork, and am today free of pain. Kirsten comes highly recommended to any person who was, and is, suffereing from body pain.

Thank you Kirsten, I am now able to walk and move around pain free.

GADIJA JAFFER – Work related back, neck, muscle pain

As an intensive care nursing sister I have lots of back, neck and muscle pain. With one session with Kirsten I have immediate pain relief.  Where with other treatments you have to go 2 or 3 times to get the same results.

CHRISTINA MEURS – Severe lower back pain and recurrent ITB injury

I went to Kirsten for Myosteopractic about a year ago due to sever lower back pain & and a recurrent ITB injury. After 2 sessions with her my lower back pain & ITB were completely gone. I do a lot of weight training as well as cardio so she is a life saver when it comes to realigning the body. I regularly go for readjusting & after one treatment am totally pain free again. I find her very professional, accommodating & yet extremely open & gentle. She is highly competent & I have had better results with her work than with any other treatments I have been to in the past. Kirsten knows the body so well & even before you tell her anything she can pinpoint all the aggravated areas. I am so thankful to have met her as she has become an awesome friend & miracle muscle manipulator.

DELPHINE COULTON – Lower back pain

After numerous Physiologist’ sessions and no improvement, I was recommended to Kirsten by a friend of mine and I am so grateful that I was. Kirsten is a friendly, bubbly and approachable lady – she makes you feel at ease and comfortable. She explains step by step what she does and is happy to answer any questions you may have. I loved attending my sessions. I felt so relaxed and well looked after. I feel so much better since and she enabled me to have a better understanding of my body. I can quite literally say Kirsten has changed my life and I would recommend her to anybody!

MARY FINLAYSON – Various including severe hip pain

I had seen Kirsten previously for minor ailments and recently I had a severe hip pain. I run half marathons and was extremely disappointed when I had to stop running and being someone who prefers the conservative approach, Kirsten was the first person I consulted.   Kirsten assessed the situation and advised a plan of action.  The Myosteopractic sessions were non-invasive, and Kirsten showed genuine care and concern, she listened and took into consideration my personal circumstances when giving advice.  After a few sessions and advice from Kirsten I was very happy to be back on the road again.

DEBRA PRICE – Constant chronic muscle pain

I have been struggling with constant muscle pain for quite a few years.  Kirsten actually said that my body was like a block of concrete.  I must say that since I have been going to Kirsten’s Myosteo Health and Therapy Practice, I have been mostly pain free (we are still working on it).  It is very important to follow through and not only go for one session in order to get the full benefit.  My body has responded in an amazing way and I can even breathe more easily.  Kirsten’s way with her clients is also really great.  I would happily recommend her to any of my friends and clients.

CHARMAINE SWINGBURN – Hip and shoulder pain

I have suffered from hip and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember.  I have been to multiple physiotherapists and chiropractors, and have also tried Body Stress Release.  These practitioners did sort out my problem, but unfortunately it was only in the short term.  When I fell (down 3 stairs!), I twisted my ankle very badly.  After 3 weeks I was still unable to walk properly, and could not even think of playing tennis.  Kirsten had placed an advertisement at the Edgemead tennis club, and I thought I had nothing to lose.  After 2-3 months of treatments, not only is my ankle now fully healed, but I have had a significant improvement in my hip and shoulder pain.  I also find that if my pain comes back, my body is starting to “fix” itself.  For me Myosteopractic is an incredible combination of bodywork techniques which has greatly improved my life!

LIZ STANLEY – Painful hip and back

Thank you, Kirsten, for all the help you have given me with my sore hip and back.   You definitely have helped all my aches and pains. You have also helped a lot when I had bronchitis and all my muscles were aching from coughing.   You even helped my sinus. Thank you again for all you do with your healing hands.

ANONYMOUS – Back, neck, shoulder tension

Kirsten assisted me successfully with back tension using Scenar Therapy. The patient experience and the overall services are impeccable. She is great about explaining the methods and benefits in the therapy that she provides which demonstrates her knowledge about her craft. Kirsten is meticulous and an absolute professional – I definitely recommend her services.

JOAN ASHBOLT – Stiff shoulder & neck

I would highly recommend Kirsten and her Myosteo sessions. I needed a few treatments for a stiff shoulder and neck and felt a lot of relief from the pain afterwards. She is very professional and thorough and her gentle and friendly manner makes treatments with her really wonderful.  Wishing you all the best on your move.

CHRIS HARTLEY – Back and neck tension

Kirsten’s Myosteopractic sessions really helped me considerably with my back and neck tension. Kirsten has always been welcoming, accommodating and incredibly professional. I could not recommend her more highly.


Great THERAPIST who has great knowledge in her speciality …. Kirsten LISTENS well, and therefore her advice and treatments are always well targeted … Thank you for always working in my best interest.

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