Sports massage is the application of specialised techniques which is more focused on specific areas, depending on which muscles groups are being trained and exerted.

There are various objectives of sports massage. Firstly by identifying possible over-use in active muscles (usually with over-training), focus to these groups can be applied and injury prevented. Range of motion and muscle flexibility is increased through sports massage. Power and performance is also improved and recovery time is shortened. Due to increased blood flow, the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the body is maximised and the elimination of metabolic waste enhanced. Due to these factors the performance levels of athletes can be increased.

Sports massage can become a key ingredient in an athlete’s success and should be an integral part of their training regime. An athlete should be incorporating it pre-event, intra-event and post-event, as well as for maintenance during off-season periods. Massage maintains muscles at the peak of their flexibility and strength, restoring muscular power and ability.


Deep tissue massage is a deeper, more focused massage aimed at releasing aches and pains caused by muscle tension and “adhesions”, commonly known as knots.

Deep tissue massage also improves circulation and assists in detoxification of waste products. It also focuses on your “trouble spots”, which are often caused by repetitive occupational activities where over-use of certain muscle groups are involved on a daily basis. This massage can also help to break up and eliminate scar tissue.


The duration of a massage is 50 minutes.

Please note with regards to a sports massage, a full body massage is not recommended in one session. This is due to the fact that firstly adequate time needs to be spent on specific areas and more focus given to particular muscle groups. Secondly, due to the elimination of metabolic waste as a result of the massage it can be overwhelming for your body’s processes.

The specifics can be discussed with Kirsten prior to your session.

Note: Massage Therapy will not be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Massage is not a substitute for any medical or health care attention that may be required.